Photonic Integrated Circuits for Visible Light
Integration of Multiple Integrated Functions
Control of the Interface to Fiber or Freespace

XiO Photonics - Integrated Light Processor

Photonic IC based laser light manipulation for visible and near infrared applications.

  • Enabling new applications by integration of multiple optical functions on one chip.
  • Making laser photonics simple and robust; no moving parts, no adjustments.
  • Enabling compact and more cost effective systems.

Photonic Integration Technology

At XiO Photonics we design and manufacture optical devices based on Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for visible light and near infrared applications. For our PICs, we use TriPleX™ technology, a low loss on-chip waveguide technology which allows for control of wavelength, intensity, phase, mode size, polarization and input-output geometries. The technology is optimized for wavelengths from 400 up to 2000 nm.

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Photonics Products

images/Hyperion B with background web

XiO Photonics offers several end user products based on the photonic integration technology. The products demonstrate the easy of use, compact form factor and robustness of using the technology. The Integrated Laserbeam Combiner and Hyperion integrated multicolor laser source are examples of this. Futhermore XiO Photonics can offer the compact lasers and spectrometers from RGB Laser systems..

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Photonic Integration Applications

Photonic Application

Our PIC devices for visible light and near infrared can be applied in different types of products and applications. Multi-color laser sources for biomedical use, RGB imaging, Foodsorting, Flowcytometery and solid state lasers are amongst the applications that we can address.

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XiO Photonic Capabilities


XiO Photonics capabilities include optical chip design, Fiber-chip coupling (VIS-NIR) and Chip-chip coupling. Together with PCB design and manufacturing and electronic design and manufacturing, XiO Photonics has strong cpapbilities in the total Photonic component package design and manufacturing. Our capabilities are offered as assembly service for third party photonic components for prototype or small series production

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Company Info

MHz Modulation for visible lasers announced

At the Laser Munich show we will demonstrate our latest achievements in our continous development of our PIC library. We are very proud to anounce MHz on chip modulation of visible wavelengths. With this building block, any visible laser can be modulated fast, while keeping its noise low. For the latest information about high speed visible modulation please come visit booth B2-469A at the show. Or contact us to make an appointment.

Coming events

Shell Rijswijk: Measuring with Light
November 18 - 19
Rijswijk, The Netherlands

SPIE Photonics West 2016
February 13 - 18
San Francisco, USA

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