Photonic Integrated Circuits for Visible Light
Integration of Multiple Integrated Functions
Control of the Interface to Fiber or Freespace

Photonic Integration Technology

At XiO Photonics we design and manufacture optical devices based on Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for visible light and near infrared applications. For our PICs, we use TriPleX™ technology, a low loss on-chip waveguide technology which allows for control of wavelength, intensity, phase, mode size, polarization and input-output geometries. The technology is optimized for wavelengths from 400 up to 2000 nm.

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Photonic Integration Devices

To interface with the optical system, PICs can be equipped with optical fiber connections or be used as free-space optical components. Hybrid configurations with both fiber connections as well as free-space interfaces on the same device are also possible. XiO Photonics has built an extensive expertise in coupling optical fibers to chips in various configurations including combinations with electronic interfaces to create functional electro-optical or active optical devices.

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Photonic Integration Applications

Photonic Application

Our PIC devices for visible light and near infrared can be applied in different types of products and applications. Multi-color laser sources for biomedical use, RGB imaging, Foodsorting, Flowcytometery and solid state lasers are amongst the applications that we can address.

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Photonics Products

images/Hyperion B with background web

XiO Photonics offers several end user products based on the photonic integration technology. The products demonstrate the easy of use, compact form factor and robustness of using the technology. The Integrated Laserbeam Combiner and Hyperion integrated multicolor laser source are examples of this. Futhermore XiO Photonics can offer the compact lasers and spectrometers from RGB Laser systems..

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Photonic Assembly Service


XiO Photonics offers several solutions and services for assembly and packaging of integrated optical components. For proto-types and demonstration models as well as small volume production, XiO can offer different types of services. XiO Photonics offers photonic assembly services for the assembly of PICs, fiber arrays and electronics for prototypes and demonstrators.

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IEEE Photonics Benelux Symposium

XiO Photonics contributes to the organization of the IEEE Photonics Benelux Symposium in Enschede, the Netherlands. 2 - 3 November 2014

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The latest XiO Photonics newsletter highlights the Photonic Assembly services. If you missed the newsletter you can download a pdf copy or contact us.

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IEEE Photonics Benelux Symposium
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